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Barry has been my health insurance agent for over 15 years. He always works hard to find the best policy for my daughter and I and to keep me up to speed on the latest healthcare changes. He spent countless hours on the phone with me the last few days helping me navigate the Covered CA website as well as the ins and outs of Obamacare. I would have been completely lost without his knowledge, experience and patience. Barry truly cares to find the best fit for you and will keep working until he finds it. I was one of those folks who kept putting off getting registered and enrolled and he kept reminding me so I didn’t miss the deadline. Thank you Barry for being so awesome and always going above and beyond. I so appreciate it!!

Deborah A.

Over the last few weeks I’ve spoken with Barry a dozen times. He walked me through selecting an Obamacare Plan in comparing and contrasting the options in detail and I was no easy client. I was that client who spent hours on my own researching the providers covered within each plan — I’m the one I’m guessing agents would rather pass on to a colleague. However, Barry could not have been more available throughout the process — emails were immediately replied to and if I got his voicemail, which happened only twice, I heard back from him within the hour. He earned much more than the commission. If I received a $1000 bill from him, it would have been money well spent. So, needless to say, I unequivocally recommend Barry and would be quite surprised if you were to have any experience working with him that was less than stellar.

Sid F.

I am so thankful for Barry and the staff at Business Choice Insurance. I don’t live anywhere near this office but I can call or email Barry with any insurance question I have, and he responds immediately. He is so knowledgeable, patient, and helpful. I appreciate Barry for being available and willing to dedicate any amount needed to provide me with the answers I need. Thank you Barry!

Laura G.

Barry and his staff provide amazing customer service.

Barry is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to Health Care Reform and can direct you to the best plan for you and your personal or business needs.

Barry always puts the customers’ needs first! A unique attribute in today’s marketplace.

Kathy Z.

Barry Coghill is a superb agent. He as taken great care of our company by providing a range of health insurance options that fit our diverse workforce. He has definitely gone the extra mile to help people understand their options. And he has been great about helping older employees transition to Medicare if they want. He is highly responsive and knowledgeable and puts the customers best interests first.

Jane F

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